Veterinary Technicians in Radiation Oncology


VTS Radiation Oncology
Rosemary Calderon, [email protected]

  • We are currenlty looking for qualified technicians to be part of an organizing commitee to help create a Veterinary Technician Specialty for Radiation Oncology technicians.
  • You can go to the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) website for specific details to see if you qualify:
  • We are looking for techs with 7 years experience and scholarly work.
  • If you are interested please email Rosemary at [email protected] or Madeline at [email protected].
  • Please also join our fb page - Radiation Oncology Veterinary Technicians.

VTS Radiation Oncology Update (10-21-2019)

  • We have found our required number of committee members. Please check back on this website or our fb page (radiation oncology veterinary technicians) for updates. Thank you everyone for your interest and support! If you have any questions please email Rosemary [email protected] or Madeline [email protected]