Journal Editor's Fall 2016 Update

Jeryl C. Jones, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVR, Editor-in-Chief

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound (VRU) has completed its 57th year of continuous publication. During the period of 8/16/15 to 8/15/16, Editorial staff processed a total of 414 new and revised manuscripts.

Editorial board members worked together to develop a strategic plan for the Journal and presented this to the ACVR Executive Council during their October meeting. Preliminary analyses from the VRU Stakeholder survey were completed, provided to the ACVR Executive Council and presented at the ACVR meeting. The majority of stakeholders favored conversion to a double-blind peer review system and this will be implemented during 2017.

A checkbox was added to the author submission page so that authors can indicate whether or not the paper is being submitted as a requirement for Boards. Editorial staff try to expedite processing as much as possible for these papers.

Associate Editors evaluated 10 candidate papers for the ACVR Resident Author Award and selected Dr. Peter Noel as the winner for the paper “Comparison of Off-site Smartphone JPEG-format versus DICOM-format Standard Workstation in the Radiographic Diagnosis of Small Intestinal Mechanical Obstruction in Dogs and Cats”. A total of 28 ACVR Senior Student Awards were presented in the US and Canada.