Journal Editor's Fall 2010 Update

Dr. Donald E. Thrall, DVM, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

Content: With increasing manuscript submissions creating more competition for journal space, it is likely that the number of reports of individual patients, such as published in the Imaging Diagnosis Feature, will decrease. Preference will be given to prospective evaluations and retrospective assessment of clinical material derived from a defined population of patients. These types of publications are more meaningful in terms of altering the practice of veterinary imaging.

Impact Factor: The journal’s Impact Factor increased very slightly from 0.985 to 1.055. The ranking in the Veterinary Sciences category increased slightly from 50/134 to 52/140.

Associate Editors: There are 10 Associate Editors with 5 representing the ACVR, 3 representing the ECVDI and one each representing EAVDI, and IVRA. The term of Dr. John Hathcock, an ACVR representative, expires at the end of 2010. Dr. Gabriela Seiler will become an Associate Editor in January 2011. The term is 6 years.

Resident-Author Award: There were 25 eligible submissions for the award this year. The winning author for 2010 was Dr. Matthew Baron for his paper “Ultrasonographic Observation of Secretin-Induced Pancreatic Duct Dilation in Healthy Cats”. The honorarium for the resident-authored award is $500.

Senior Student Award: Twenty-seven ACVR Senior Student Awards were presented this Spring. There were 24 awards in the U.S., and 3 in Canada. Each recipient, as selected by members of the school's radiology department, received an award certificate, a one-year subscription to Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound, and a voucher for complementary registration a future ACVR annual meeting.

Neuroimaging Supplement: Dr. Chris Lamb is the Guest Editor for a Supplemental Issue dealing with neuroimaging. The publication date is early 2011. The issue will contain a variety of papers covering many aspects of veterinary neuroimaging and will be a valuable addition to the literature.