Journal Editor's Spring 2010 Update

Dr. Donald E. Thrall, DVM, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

Supplement on Neuroimaging

A supplement on Neuroimaging is being produced with Dr. Chris Lamb as the guest Editor. Publication is scheduled for January, 2011. The issue will contain a variety of papers dealing with small animal neuroimaging with MRI.

Early View System

This year the journal instituted the Early View system where proofs are generated as soon as a manuscript is accepted for publication. Once proofs are approved by the author and Editor the manuscript is published online ahead of print. This shortens publication time considerably. Articles published in Early View can be accessed from the journal’s web site. When it is time for a new print issue to be compiled, articles are selected from those in Early View.

Free New Virtual Issues

The first Virtual Issue of the journal is available, focusing on Equine MRI. Virtual Issues are online-only issues on a theme. The Virtual Issue is comprised of previously published content, usually between 10-20 articles. Virtual Issues can enhance journal usage and citations, especially since thematic issues typically receive more citations than a standard issue. Good quality Virtual Issues can help increase the journal’s Impact Factor. As Equine MRI is perhaps the most rapidly expanding segment of veterinary imaging, this seemed an appropriate topic for the first virtual issue.