Journal Editor's Spring 2011 Update

Dr. Donald E. Thrall, DVM, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

1. Neuroimaging Supplement. The neuroimaging supplement is available electronically from the Wiley-Blackwell web site, and in print. Dr. Lamb has compiled a meaningful collection of information relating to MRI of the nervous system. Thanks to Dr. Lamb for spearheading this important initiative and creating such a useful resource.

2. Sponsored Newsletter. To diversify revenue streams from corporate sales, and generate income from other sources in addition to traditional advertising and commercial reprint income, Wiley-Blackwell has developed sponsored e-newsletters that will feature a selection of articles from their veterinary journals. The selection of articles will depend on the theme and sponsor, so not every newsletter will feature content from Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound. All articles featured in the newsletter will have been published previously in the journal and are therefore free from conflicts of interest as they have been through the standard peer-review and were not commissioned to appear in the newsletter. While the corporate sponsor’s branding may appear as part of the template, it will not appear on the article itself. If an article from Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound is featured in the newsletter, income from the sponsorship will be allocated back to the journal account as corporate sales income and this will be reported in the journal’s annual report.

3. Plagiarism. The journal has recently initiated automatic plagiarism checking through iThenticate verification technology, which is made available to the journal by Wiley-Blackwell. Every new manuscript that is submitted is uploaded to iThenticate and within minutes it is compared to billions of documents in repositories that include web content, both current and archived, as well as proprietary content from global publishers, aggregators and syndicators worldwide including newswires, newspapers, periodicals, journals, magazines, e-books, reference encyclopedias, and academic textbooks. A report is created whereby the percent of the submitted manuscript that matches published works is computed, and each match is provided verbatim with a link to the original source. The author guidelines have been revised to notify authors that each manuscript is checked for plagiarism using this method.