General Information

The ACVR has been concerned with the orderly growth and development of diagnostic imaging specialties and currently sponsors four societies.

  • Veterinary Ultrasound Society (VUS)
  • CT/MRI Society
  • Society of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine (SVNM)
  • Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging Society (LADIS)

Eligibility for Membership

Veterinarians or non-veterinarians with an interest in Ultrasound, CT/MRI, Nuclear Medicine, or Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging can join one or more of the ACVR Societies. However, membership in a Society does not imply expertise in any imaging modality. Please see ACVR Membership Categories for a definition of each type of ACVR membership and Join an ACVR Society to join one or more of the ACVR Societies.

Society Membership Benefits

  • Society email list with communication and networking opportunities between members with similar interests
  • Case-based learning materials authored by society members
  • Journal subscription to Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound (VRUS). Includes both online access and printed issues as well as all online back issues. Also includes access on your mobile device using the VRU iOS app.
  • Updates, discussions and cases on social networking sites (Ultrasound Society Facebook page)
  • Reduced registration fees for ACVR conference
  • Keynote speakers sponsored by the societies at the annual ACVR conference
  • Wiley-Blackwell currently offers a 35% Discount on all book titles for ACVR Society Members. See details in the individual Society Sections after you join one or more of the ACVR Societies!