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Accurate and complete interpretation of your imaging studies is critical to developing an effective treatment plan. Rapid advances in the veterinary profession can make it difficult for veterinarians to remain current with recent developments in some of today's complex imaging or radiation therapy procedures. Learn how an ACVR board-certified radiologist or radiation oncologist can help your practice provide the best possible care for your patients.

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Advances in imaging technology and radiation therapy have dramatically improved the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases. Accurate and complete interpretation of your imaging studies is critical to developing an effective treatment plan. An ACVR board-certified radiologist or radiation oncologist can provide the information you need to make informed health care decisions for your patients. See the Directory of Diplomates to find a board-certified radiologist or radiation oncologist near you.


Join an ACVR Society

Eligibility for membership in ACVR's special interest societies is open to anyone with an interest in the goals and objectives of each society. Veterinarians or non-veterinarians with an interest in Ultrasound, CT/MRI, Nuclear Medicine, or Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging can join one or more of the ACVR Societies. See Join an ACVR Society for more information. Please see ACVR Membership Categories for a definition of each type of ACVR membership. Each Society maintains an email listserver for discussion of topics related to each specialty. You must be a member of the Society to belong to its list.


Veterinary Imaging Textbooks

See Amazon Best Sellers - These resources cover the latest veterinary imaging techniques and interpretation principles to help you develop your proficiency in diagnostic imaging. You can improve your skills in radiology, ultrasonography, CT, and MRI. For Nuclear Medicine, the Textbook of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine can provide an instructional aid to those learning the subject as well as to serve as a reference text for those performing routine nuclear medicine studies.


Lower The Dose

The ACVR is partnering with IDEXX and the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) in Lower the Dose, a new initiative to help raise awareness of radiation safety best practices. There is a need for more radiation safety education to make people aware of the As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) principle to help create a safer work space. Visit the new Lower the Dose website for timely and relevant radiation resources, news and safety information, and state guidelines.


ACVR Teleradiology and Resolution & DICOM Guidelines

The ACVR is in the process of making recommendations concerning digital radiography and imaging for the veterinary profession. It is difficult to set standards in an area where there is much variability among vendors and there are few topics where there is a definitive best method or choice regarding imaging. The ACVR Digital Imaging Standards Committee (DISC) considered a broad outline of standards and recommendations that could be used to advise the veterinary profession. See the Guidelines section for more information.


Radiology Case Presentations

See the Case Presentations section. Take advantage of learning from experts in the field! These cases come from the Cases of the Month of the Veterinary Ultrasound Society (VUS), CT/MRI Society, Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging Society (LADIS), and Society of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine (SVNM). In addition there are cases from the ACVR Image Interpretation Sessions presented at our annual meeting and cases from our Radiology Board Certification exam. There is also a link to Dr. Allison Zwingenberger's excellent 'Veterinary Radiology' site for more diagnostic imaging cases.


Free Digital Radiography and MR Neuroimaging Supplements

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound has free Digital Radiography and MR Neuroimaging supplements available to everyone. The Digital Radiography supplemental issue is intended to help educate the veterinary community about digital radiography and the components associated with it. Check this information out if you are considering switching to digital radiography. The MR Neuroimaging supplement reviews the major topics in brain and spine MR imaging of small animals. See the Journal page for links to these special issues.


Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound - Free Virtual Issue: Equine MRI

Virtual issues are online-only issues on a theme that are comprised of previously published content, usually between 10-20 articles. The first virtual issue of Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound is now available. It contains 16 of the most recent papers dealing with Equine MRI, one of the most rapidly growing aspects of veterinary imaging. All of the articles are open access online. See the Journal page for a link to this special issue.